Geek Chic

Amanda Sela called us a couple of days earlier because she needed a photographer at the last minute for a shoot that she and her cousin (Dibra Sela) were doing. We love Amanda and her work, so of course we wanted to be part of this...Shana had a prior commitment to a shoot at the Roosevelt Hotel on the same day, so we split up our equipment, and I headed off to meet with Amanda.

The shoot was an amazing success! Amanda is extremely creative and full of great ideas, and working with her gave me some inspiration for a sci-fi themed fashion shoot of my own. Maybe you'll hear more about that in the future... :)

More later!

Hair and make-up: Amanda Sela Styling: Dibra Sela Models: Arian Sela, Artie Duka, Majlinda Duka Photography: David Manning

And, a couple of outtakes: