Behind-the-scenes shoot for "Checking out the inn"

Lisa Martinez called us because she was looking for someone to shoot set photos for an upcoming TV pilot called "Checking out the inn". Since this was the same day as the shoot with Amanda Sela (see the previous post!), I went to the Roosevelt Hotel to work behind the scenes for this production.

The project was to shoot still photos of the production as it was being taped, which made for some really interesting shots because of the contrast between what the video camera sees (which is planned out in advance) and what my camera sees as I shift around my own perspective (which is totally up to the photographer).

One of the cool things about this kind of assignment is that I got to go behind-the-scenes in the hotel itself too. That means checking out the Presidential Suite,the ballroom dance competition, the kitchen, talking with Eli Brown (the head chef), and so on. It's always fun to get a view of how things work on the inside when most of the time you're on the outside. Sometimes I wonder about how people think photography works...maybe next time someone asks me about photography I'll ask them to come to a fashion shoot in the studio with me so they can get an inside view of their own. :)