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Sarah's Headshots

I recently photographed Sarah, she needed some new headshots. Despite the intense heat (95 degrees!) photographing Sarah was a breeze. Luckily, her being located on the West Side, we were able to easily use Central Park as a backdrop for her gorgeous session and got some amazing shots!


Had a wonderful shoot with Claire. We walked around the high-line; it was a hot, but beautiful day! Claire is the president of Beatrix NY, which is a children's accessory company & is a breast cancer survivor!  Take a look at her website:  We had such a great shoot!


Here are some photos I took of Yoon Kim.  I was lucky enough to be able to photograph him in his amazing penthouse in SoHo. I even got to meet his adorable dog, Mochi, a beautiful Shiba Inu!  The day I photographed him was the day of the St. Patrick's day parade; It was a lot of fun seeing the all the people in green on the way to the shoot. It even started snowing! Luckily the shoot was inside and we didn't have to worry about the weather.

30 by 30

I was interviewed for an article for Professional Women Photographers about 30 Women Photographers and the 30 Women Photographers Who Inspired Them. Please read it!

Here's the link:

A very good friend of mine Nora Kobrenik was also interviewed! Read her article too: